Careers – CDP employs over 160 staff Fiji wide. As an employee of CDP you must work with honesty, integrity, professionalism and serve our customers to your full potential. CDP staff include:

  • Administration clerks
  • Dispatch Operators
  • Drivers with Group 2 licenses and above
  • Delivery staff
  • Loading staff
  • Vehicle Mechanics

If you believe you will be a good representative of the company please express your interest for any future vacancies by sending your resume to

Helping the People of Fiji – As Fiji’s first, and largest courier company, here at CDP we take responsibility in helping the people of Fiji in any way possible. CDP works with a number of charitable organisations such as the Fiji Red Cross Society to provide for all their courier needs.

Furthermore in times of great need such as after a natural disaster in Fiji, CDP plays its role to ensure that aid gets delivered.

Helping the people of Fiji is an on-going role and here at CDP we do not look at what we have done in the past but rather how we can help Fijians in the present and in the future.

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